Make your Internet surfing sessions more enjoyable by avoiding annoying ads and intrusive trackers using this appealing and intuitive browser.

  • Brave
  • Version : 1.43.89
  • License :Mozilla Public License
  • OS :Windows,Mac,Linux,Android,iOS
  • Publisher :Brave Software Inc

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Brave Description

BraveWhile it is true that almost all well-known browsers have some sort of popup protection, sometimes you might have the feeling that the creators of these ads are just one step ahead of everyone. Irrespective of whether they have inappropriate content, spam or are simply unnecessary, such ads are a hassle and a nuisance that many users are trying to get rid of.

Brave is a secure browser built on the principle of blocking irritating ads and preventing intrusive trackers from monitoring your activity online.

Comes with a separate platform that replaces ads

The highlight of the application stems from the system it uses to block ads from invading your viewing space. To be more precise, the application substitutes popups with smaller and fewer anonymous advertisements that are placed in fixed locations on the screen.

The direct advantage of eliminating popup ads is that they are being filtered and none of your private data is extracted. Therefore, there is a fair chance that you can notice that the loading speed of the web pages you are accessing increases.

Enables you to surf the web securely

In addition to keeping ads at bay, the browser is also capable of blocking third party trackers and malvertisement effectively. Thanks to the HTTPS Everywhere feature, the data packets you transmit to the accessed website are encrypted, so your private data is safe.

Moreover, the program can offer you a high level of protection while you shop online or browse through your favorite websites. Consequentially, you can avoid weird coincidences such as starting to see ads for items or services you looked up in the past few days.

On a side note, you should know that the project is still in development and hence, you can notice various bugs or non-functional features while using it.

A secure browser with a lot of potential

All in all, Brave seems to be going on the right track in terms of blocking irritating advertisements and protecting your data. In case you value privacy more than anything while navigating the web, then this might be the browser the test out.

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