Free mod repository.

  • APP : CurseForge
  • Version : 2.185.0
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows,Mac,Linux
  • Developer : CurseForge

Download CurseForge (Windows)

Download CurseForge (Mac)

Download CurseForge (Linux , WoW only)

CurseForge Description

CurseForge is a free utility that lets modders edit projects, upload files and share custom mod packs. It’s among the most extensive repositories for mods made for Minecraft and World of Warcraft. It offers a vast range of texture packs and worlds. Thankfully, there’s no chance of becoming a victim of adware since all the downloads are hosted on the program.

Curse owns the program and it’s safe to use for all Windows users. For the novice, the Curse mod pack is a Minecraft community used to extend the visuals of vanilla Minecraft. If you’re getting started with Curse and Modpacks, you’ll be required to download and install the launcher first. Alternative programs include Technic Launcher, Multimc, and Wowup.

How do I download from CurseForge?

You can install modpacks from two sources: the CurseForge app and the website. If you’re downloading from the app, navigate to the Minecraft tab in the interface. From there, click on ‘Browse Modpack.’ It’ll direct you to a page, and by default, it’s sorted by Featured Mobpacks.

Input the name of the modpack you’re looking for in the search bar available at the top section. Once you see it in the list, click on ‘Install.’ Once the pack finishes its installation, you’ll see it as a new profile under the Minecraft tab.

On the other hand, you can download and install a modpack via CurseForge website using the Import Features option with the following steps:

Locate the modpacks that you wish to import on
Click ‘Files’ and select the modpack version that you wish to download and install.
Once you have downloaded the modpack, click the ‘Create Custom Profile’ button in the app and then hit ‘Import.’
Scroll to the downloaded file and click to open it.
The app will run the import process, and when done, you’ll have access to the ‘Play’ button.

Is CurseForge a Virus?

Mods on CurseForge Overwolf are free from viruses. CurseForge usually assesses all the mods to ensure that they’re safe to download. However, downloading a Minecraft mod from a random website can pose threats to your device.

If you’re familiar with CurseForge, you’ll notice changes they’ve transitioned from being a Twitch client. The reason is that Overwolf acquired CurseForge Minecraft to offer mod authors access to a series of mod tools for monetisation and development.

Safe way to build and download mods

CurseForge is an excellent platform for gamers to share, create, and download mods. Though the platform has been passed around by game developers, its integrity remains intact. Watch out for more content coming your way as OverWolf develops more efficient productivity features.

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