FileZilla Server

A reliable FTP server that you can customize and set up according to your exact requirements and preferences, so that users can connect without too much hassle.

  • FileZilla Server
  • Version :1.3.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows,Mac,Linux
  • Publisher :Tim Kosse

FileZilla Server Download(Windows 64bit)

FileZilla Server Download(Mac)

FileZilla Server Download(Linux 64bit)

FileZilla Server Description

FileZilla Server is one of the best FTP servers currently on the market, offering a wide array of features, all available in an open-source package.

The program is undoubtedly a top product, so users are required to pay attention to every single step included in the installer.

Besides the fact that one needs to select the components to be installed, the user can pick from up to three options regarding the way the FileZilla Server should be started: as a service with Windows, manually or automatically.

The main window of the program is actually the one where the log file is displayed, informing you exactly what’s happening with the service, regardless if we’re talking about connections, transfers or other actions.

But the most important part is the configuration. There are three main sections offering customization options, “Setup”, “Users” and “Groups”, each with its very own pack of settings.

From the “Settings” section you can change basically everything about the server, including IP bindings, IP filter, passive mode security, security tools, logging, admin interface, speed limits, autoban, SSL and TLS settings and file transfer compression.

The “Users” and “Groups” sections are obviously reserved to accounts settings, with dedicated tools concerning shared folders, speed limits and IP filters.

FileZilla Server doesn’t eat up too much of your CPU and RAM, and sits quietly in the System Tray. Minor slowdowns may occur when the connected clients download files at high speeds.

But all in all, there is no doubt that FileZilla Server is a top product and is worth the time you spend with it.

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