A programming language that integrates with COM, .NET, CORBA objects and provides you with intuitive orientation and extensive standard libraries.

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Python Description

Python is a programming language that uses objects, classes and a clear syntax language to help you create, edit and generate your own applications. The code written in Python can be compiled to create standalone executable files.

This programming language is the backbone of many software applications developed for academic or commercial purposes, and it includes a large library with predefined tools.

Write Python code intuitively

Python’s interpreter allows you to write and execute code, as well as to define variables. The highlight is represented by the simplicity of the syntax language that aims to help you write code intuitively, thus improving readability and reducing the debugging time significantly.

Create, test and edit code easily

The code written in Python can be edited and tested multiple times by running it in the interpreter. Unlike other languages, it doesn’t restrict you to edit the code outside the execution environment, so you can simply make the changes using the interpreter.

Since it’s an object-oriented programming language, Python uses data structures to store information in a location inaccessible to the main program, which can be retrieved using a dedicated function.

Due to its clear syntax, Python can be understood easily by any computer user. If you are just beginning to learn about programming, the developer’s website provides you with multiple tutorials and resources.


Overall, the Python programming language represents a good solution for users who want to create applications via object-oriented code.

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